Diamond Jubilee 2012


                                                              I'm writing  a poem to celebrate,

The pride of our nation great,

So hoist up the bunting now,

And feel the good factor, Wow!



                                                                 Yes, on this auspicious day,

In glee we’ll shout Hooray,

The Queens Diamond Jubilee,

Congratulations given cheerfully.  



Glasses held high at a street party,

They say ‘God Bless’ to your Majesty.

As ancient bells across the land,

Give a signal to strike up the band!



                                                             Since the day of your Coronation,

Lovingly favoured by the nation,

And such changes you have seen,

Since you became Great Britain’s Queen.  



We love to see you regularly,

And wave our flags exuberantly.

As you travel past in motorcade,

To rule this land you were surely made. 



Across the nations of the world,

You are a marvel to behold.

For sixty years you have reigned,

From your service we have gained.



A stranger to me you are not,

Elizabeth, we love you a lot.

And that twinkle in your eyes,

Tells me, that’s no surprise!  



To your majesty we wish good health,

From the nation and the Commonwealth,

Your service given beyond compare,

Your Jubilee we are proud to share. 



Because of you and the service given,

Our whole nation is globally driven.

To make the world a better place,

For members of the human race.  



All nations perceive your majesty,

As head of our great family,

Relationship built on shared history,

To this now add the Diamond Jubilee.  



Close to us throughout your reign,

Not to compare in our life time again.

Our pride and joy whenever seen,

Witness our love for you our queen.  



And when all is said and done,

A Diamond Jubilee is a special one.

Your Majesty thank you for being true,

Elizabeth II, Thank you for being you.